Cultural Tour


Tanzania Culture

Tanzania has about 120 tribes which makes to be most culturally various countries in Africa. Kiliclimbers and safaris adopts a community-based tourism approach in which the people are directly involved in designing, organizing tours and showing tourists aspects of their lives in the area they live in. While economic benefit is derived from this activity, some cross cultural exchange between visitors and the local people is also developed. Operated through the criteria of ownership of the activities undertaken and equitable distribution of the income generated are underlying factors of the programme. It is people tourism that enables tourists to experience the local people’s way of life, offering insights into the values, beliefs and traditions in the host communities’ own environments.

Maasai Culture

On our cultural tours, you will get to learn about the traditional Maasai way of life. We will introduce you to their culture, their stories, songs and dances, their beliefs, and daily practices. You will have an opportunity to practice milking a goat with a kalabash and sit with the elders listening to their stories. On your morning or afternoon walk around the boma, you’ll be introduced to the traditional medicinal plants and trees and can witness life in the orpul, where you can also taste the special medicinal soup prepared for the warriors.

Please notify us in advance if you would like us to organize these tour for you, as spaces are limited and quickly fill up especially in the high season. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.